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If you are interested in the question of how to bet on sports, it means that playing in a bookmaker’s office is hardly profitable. Most bookmakers’ clients are in the red at the distance. Have you ever wondered why this happens? There are many reasons, but almost all of them boil down to one phrase – these people bet wrong.

And can you count on a positive result, when a person regularly makes mistakes, sometimes without noticing them? Not. If you want to make money on bets, first figure out how to bet correctly and then start playing. Let’s go!

The aim of betting in a bookmaker’s office

sports betting strategies

When registering on a bookmaker’s website, people have different goals. First of all, determine your needs and decide what you are going to bet for. It may be entertainment so that watching the matches became more interesting. In this case, all the rules that will be described below, you will not need.

 If you have set a goal to earn, then go ahead. Do not bet based on the quotes from the office. Be honest with yourself. Make bets on the duels you have analyzed. Write down all the deals. Allocate an amount for betting, the loss of which will not affect your well-being. Adhering to these and other rules, which we will discuss in detail below, perhaps you will learn how to bet correctly and earn steadily.

Do not bet blindly

Numerous “professionals” can earn a living by betting on sports, but this is certainly not possible without a sensible strategy. So, before betting, you should think of a strategy to increase your chances of winning. There are many different sports that you can bet on and meanwhile, it has also changed the manageability of the different types of bets a lot. However, each sport has its own rules and peculiarities, which, however, allows you to find very interesting special bets. So, what do you need to pay attention to? And what advantages do new betting providers offer?

Late goals bet

Especially in soccer betting, it is a good idea to proceed with a smart strategy. From matchday to matchday, it can be observed that many goals are scored in the closing stages or in injury time. Therefore, it makes sense to bet on late goals. So, if you pick the games where there are clear favourites, you can assume that a goal will be scored in a quarter of an hour before the end. So who will set the lucky punch in the match? The last-minute goals may also decide the championship this season.

Progressive betting on draws is also quite a good strategy. If you bet on a draw and are right, you can often triple your stake. If you don’t win, you should bet on a draw again in the next match the team, if it doesn’t work out even then, you bet a third time on a draw in the next match, in case you win, your bet is back again. If you miss three times, then increase the bet in the fourth game. This also fits the handicap bet on a draw. The odds on this are often very high. If the team you bet on and placed a handicap bet on a draw wins, you win.

Be successful with bets on marginal sports

betting strategies

With numerous bookmakers, you have the opportunity to bet on marginal sports in addition to the most popular sports bets, such as soccer, tennis, or basketball. The odds here are often determined based on statistics, as the bookmakers lack expertise in these sports. So, if you know ice hockey particularly well, you can apply this knowledge to bet and take advantage of very promising odds.

Due to high odds, numerous gamblers use a combination bet, but the probability of winning is much lower compared to system bets. Only one wrong tip in the combination bet is enough and everything is gone. The more individual bets within the system bet are correct, the higher the profit. The over/under bet is also very interesting because here you bet on goals.

Decide what you want to bet for

If you consider betting as entertainment, be prepared to lose money. Beginners rarely analyse a sporting event. They often bet on their favourite team to make it more interesting to watch the match. If betting is for you to earn money, then take it with full seriousness. Take betting as a daily job, which requires deep analysis. Betting has a similar structure and requirements to the classic business: Accumulate initial capital (bank) – the amount of money you are willing to invest in your business in the first stages. Determine a development strategy (in our case the financial and gaming methodology): the size of bets, their sequence and quantity. Constantly analyse sports statistics and study the betting market for sports disciplines you are interested in.

Decide on the amount for your first deposit. Write it down in advance as an expense.

This will allow you to optimize the process and calculate your budget. Often beginners bet more than they have planned, succumbing to their emotions. This leads to unforeseen expenses, so the bank empties faster than you expected. A beginner must decide how much he is willing to spend on betting at first. Try playing virtually (without money). Take a month’s time frame, bet according to a predetermined plan, and then calculate the gains or losses that would occur if you were betting with real money.


Determine the strategy you will use in your betting and stick to it

Don’t change your betting methodology just because it didn’t produce a win. Think about why it turned out to be a losing strategy. A beginner must set the size of the bank. Decide what percentage of the initial deposit each bet will constitute (preferably not more than 3%). Consider how many bets per week will do. Choose a gambling strategy that involves betting on a particular market. The safest financial betting strategy for beginners is flat. Progressive strategies like overtaking, staircase, etc. often lead to the loss of the deposit.

Do not bet on favourites with miserable odds. The probability of losing such a strategy is quite high

The strategy of such bets on the minimum odds is the most popular with beginners. It seems to them that the favourite will surely win and the bet will win. But in most cases, such a technique leads to the loss of the deposit. It happens sooner or later. After all, even the leaders of the competition quite often lose, otherwise, there would not be a strategy for betting on the victory of the outsider.

Usually, beginners bet on the favourites for a decent amount of money, which is quite difficult to beat back. Statistically, only four out of five bets with odds of 1.20 play.


Forget about sure bets

Often betting novices use the term “sure thing”. This is their way of saying that they are 100% sure of the selected outcome. But professionals know that there are no sure bets a priori. It is connected with the fact that sports are full of sensations and no one is insured against the calculation mistake or banal accident. So do not bet large sums on a supposedly ironclad outcome. Divide your pot into many parts and never exceed the bet amount.

Regarding match-fixing (match-fixing). They certainly exist. Especially in the lower leagues, and friendlies. But information about such matches is known only to a narrow circle of people close to them. And it costs a lot and is not shared left and right. If you do not want to lose money, do not buy information about match-fixing, and if you get it for free, do not bet large sums.

The best strategy for the beginner

A similar principle works in betting. Betting should please you. Learn to combine pleasure with pleasure. You just need to find a job which brings you joy, and you will never have to work again. If a beginner bets with desire and adheres to the chosen strategy – success awaits him.

Don’t bet just for the money. The game should bring pleasure

Betting solely for the desire to make money is a sure way to lose everything. Work should initially be interesting to the person and then bring profit. Any boring activity burdens people, so it is executed poorly.


If you are a beginner and are just taking your first steps in betting, we recommend using these tips in practice. They will not only help not to lose the deposit already in the first hours of the game but also earn money.

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