Sports betting tips and tricks for bettors


betting tips

Cheering for your favourite team while watching sports and earning money at the same time: Beginners can also be successful with sports betting. Watching the favourite sport and earning money: Sports betting is currently all the rage. Even beginners can win – if they follow a few tricks.

From soccer bets to betting games on the Olympic Games: It’s the little adrenaline kick that makes a sports bet attractive and a game or tournament even more exciting. All the better if, in addition to the fun factor, a windfall beckons. If you want to be successful at betting, you should proceed in an organized and considered manner – this is especially true for beginners. With our tips, you have a chance of quick success even as an absolute beginner.

Sports betting: How to recognize reputable betting providers

Sports betting tips

If you want to enter the world of sports betting, you need an account with a trustworthy betting provider. The provider must have a sports betting license. So, the bookmaker must hold an officially valid German betting license. This is associated with strict controls and guarantees that betting shops adhere to clear regulations – for example, each bettor is only allowed to place bets and make deposits within defined limits. By the way: Many bookmakers also offer their new customers an attractive welcome bonus.

The first step for betting beginners: choose the right bet type

For a successful first sports bet, it is best to choose a sport you are familiar with. Although sometimes the gut feeling leads to success, the chances are greater with experience and a good strategy.

Single bets are especially suitable for beginners – the risk is particularly low here. For example, you can bet on the victory of the away team or on which country will win the most medals at the Olympics. The stake multiplied by the odds results in the winnings of the bet. 

Even experienced professionals advise this form instead of the risky combination bet. With this, all tips must be correct for a win, such as a draw and a final score of 2:2. Thus, the possible profit is significantly higher, but also the probability that a wrong result cancels out your correct predictions. 

Even though the temptation is great – betting on your favourite team or athlete is often not a good idea and causes additional disappointment.  Many people believe too much in their favourites and are tempted to make an ill-considered bet.

The best betting strategies – with a plan for success

betting tricks

It is better not to make spontaneous decisions: Follow a strategy when betting, you have a higher chance of winning. There are a variety of possible approaches – try out which one suits you best. As you gain experience, you will develop your way.

  • Fringe sports: In some sports, even the bookmakers have to resort to statistics because they don’t have the necessary expertise themselves. This is where your opportunity lies: acquire expertise, for example in the e-sports sector, and gain an advantage over the betting providers.    
  • Late goals: In soccer betting, it can be worthwhile to bet on late goals with a single bet. This works best in games where there is a clear favourite and an underdog. The weaker team often lets up in the closing stages, which increases the chance of conceding another goal. 
  • Draw bet: If you bet on a draw, you can benefit from high odds. For this, it is worth selecting teams that draw more often than average. Games in which teams are roughly equal and can be satisfied with shared points are also suitable for this purpose.

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