Inconvenient facts about the ancient Egyptians that are not customary to talk about


Inconvenient facts about the ancient Egyptians

Ancient Egypt is mysterious and still not understood by scientists era, which is shrouded in hundreds of myths. But science does not stand still, so year after year, scientists are trying to reveal to the world new facts about the life of a disappeared civilization, which not only arouse interest – they shock even history teachers. The life of the Egyptians was rich and, if you think about it, in some ways it even differed little from modern life.

History textbooks do not tell all the details, but it is seemingly insignificant information that best conveys the mood of that time. Movies and books speak in general terms, but history has recorded such facts that will drive anyone crazy.

Equality flourished in ancient Egypt

Equality flourished in ancient Egypt

The ideal picture that activists are fighting for in the 21st century was a reality at the time. Women had the right to own and dispose of property, and in principle, all landed property and real estate could be inherited only from woman to woman. The ancient Egyptians could even freely choose who to marry, file for divorce if the marriage did not work out, build a family with another person again. They could dress the way they wanted, and no one limited them. And despite the fact that many Egyptian women were predominantly housewives, some had the opportunity to fully work on an equal basis with men. 

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The ancient Egyptians didn’t eat meat

Unless during some holidays, because in a hot climate, meat products quickly became unusable. Their usual diet consisted of vegetables, fruits and often alcoholic beverages. Beer is for everyone, wine is only for the most influential and wealthy people in the country. Wealthy Egyptians, in principle, loved to pamper themselves with delicacies, for example, coconuts brought to Egypt.

Incest was encouraged in Egypt

Incest was encouraged in Egypt

The Egyptians used to consider incestuous marriages to be the absolute norm. Initially, this tradition applied only to representatives of the dynasty, who thus helped to preserve the purity of the clan and prevent third-party people from coming to power. Pharaohs married their sisters and nieces. The most famous example was the parents of Tutankhamun, who were brother and sister to each other, and the pharaoh himself married his half-sister.

Egyptians never gave their real names

According to legend, the name should have been kept secret from everyone, so that no one could negatively influence a person with the help of witchcraft. In ordinary life, people used nicknames. For this reason, the pharaohs who came to the throne took the name of their predecessor – so they believed that they could secure a long and safe reign for themselves.

Both men and women in ancient Egypt shaved their heads baldly

They had to wear wigs. And this was done by representatives of all walks of life. This was necessary to protect against lice, which were a common problem in those days. Those who were poorer had to live with homemade papyrus leaf wigs.

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