Themed slots about Nordic mythology, ancient Egypt, and pirates


slot games: Ancient Egypt

Slot machines stimulate the senses like hardly any other medium. Every spin decides between victory and defeat in a matter of seconds. A roller coaster ride of emotions is the least that players have to be prepared for when they sit down at a slot machine. But besides pure gambling, slots offer much more in 2022: slots tell stories and stimulate the imagination. With the introduction of video slots, the storyline is taking on increasing importance: players don’t just want to experience pure gambling, they want to be taken on a journey. Where the journey should go is entirely up to the player. There are thousands of different themes that keep popping up in slots: No matter if you want to go on a virtual journey to another country or if you prefer an adventure to ancient Egypt after there are no limits to your imagination. To give you a little insight into the imaginative world of modern slot machines, we present the most popular themes that can be found in slots in the following article.

Popular themes in slot machines: Nordic Mythology

slot machines: Nordic Mythology

At least since the advent of the Marvel movies, names like Thor, Loki, Odin and Co. have made it into every household in this country. Everyone has at least heard of the Norse gods and some sagas have been passed down to us to this day. It’s easy to explain why Norse mythology became such a popular theme in slots – here it’s all about heroic sagas, family feuds and wars that decide the future of mankind. But this is not the only reason why Norse mythology is so popular among game developers. It may also have something to do with the fact that quite a few game developers come from Scandinavia. Yggdrasil, for example, an outstanding game developer from Sweden, takes its name from the tree of life, which plays a significant role in Norse mythology. If you now feel like getting involved in the world of Odin and Thor yourself, we recommend the Vikings series from Yggdrasil. 

Popular themes for slot games: Ancient Egypt

When we think of ancient Egypt, hundreds of associations immediately come to mind. Some think of the high culture, pyramids, and pharaohs, while others think of mummies and scorpions. Ancient Egypt is exotic, and exciting and offers plenty of material for new ideas. Whether it’s “The Mummy”, “Indiana Jones” or “Star Gate”, the film industry has long been making use of the almost inexhaustible pool of material that keeps ancient Egypt alive in our minds to this day.

Everyone should travel to the land of the pharaohs at least once in their life and see the pyramids with their own eyes: The sight is unforgettable! For all those who can’t wait until then, we have another game tip in store, which most die-hard fans have surely heard of.

Popular slot themes: Pirates

Treasures and pirates: they just go together! Just like the previous examples, we automatically think of setting off into the unknown, adventures, battles, and the search for the really big money. Pirate stories have inspired us since our childhood. Who doesn’t remember the giant LEGO ships we spent hours upon hours with? Pirates have an incredible appeal: not only to children but also to adults. Hollywood knows about it, too. “Pirates of the Caribbean” brought the world of buccaneers a little closer to us again just a while ago. We’re excited to see what Hollywood comes up with next and are looking ahead to 2021 with confidence!

What is your favourite theme?

Whether it’s a fantasy scenario, a vacation atmosphere or cuddly puppies, modern casinos have slots for almost every taste. The key here is to keep your eyes open and look for exactly what you want.

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