Winning at gambling – how players can increase their chances at different games?


different games

Unless you are a professional gambler, you may be primarily interested in having fun. However, this certainly doesn’t mean that you are averse to making a tidy profit from time to time. For you to do that as often as possible, however, there are a few things you should keep in mind to increase your chances of winning. There are ways to do this in all types of gambling. So, let’s take a look at what players can do to enjoy better odds when gambling.

Lotto betting syndicates

If you want to increase your chances of winning the lottery, you have two options to do so. The first is to pick a good provider for the lotto. Contrary to popular belief, the chances of winning are by no means the same with different providers. It is therefore advisable to play the lottery where the chances of winning are relatively good. The second option is to join a lottery syndicate. In this case, you fill out one or more tickets with other people. In this way, you increase the probability of winning, but you have to share every win with your fellow tipplers. Admittedly, this is annoying for smaller winnings. However, if there is a big win, it shouldn’t even hurt that much to share it with a few other people. After all, there is enough for everyone.


Slots are among the most popular gambling games of all. This is not surprising, because the colourful slot games fit perfectly into the world of gaming. In terms of gaming fun, they are hard to beat. Therefore, both offline casinos and online casinos usually have a wide selection of slot games ready. However, if you want the best possible chances of winning, it is best to play slots exclusively online, as the payout ratio for slot games online is usually much better. A payout rate of 95% to 98% is not uncommon online. With slot machines in offline casinos, on the other hand, such payout ratios are rather rare. However, this is less related to the stinginess of land-based casinos, but rather to the fact that they have higher running costs and can therefore pay out less for economic reasons.

Roulette is not just roulette


Roulette is one of the most popular table games, which is partly due to the low house advantage. However, this is often not as low as many assume, because not all roulette is the same. Strictly speaking, there are even different types of roulette, and their chances of winning are by no means uniform. You have the worst chances with American roulette since there are two zeros here and the house advantage is thus 5.25%. With European Roulette, on the other hand, your chances of winning are much better. Since there is only one zero, the house edge is only 2.70% and in the long run, this can pay off. If you have to choose between American Roulette and European Roulette, you should always prefer the latter if possible.

Some online casinos have lucrative bonuses

Extra credit and free spins as a welcome gift? In online casinos, this is not even something special, but quite normal. The competition between the providers on the Internet is much tougher than you might imagine, and online casinos therefore often have to go the extra mile to be able to hold their own on the market. For players, however, this is by no means a bad thing, but in fact, a good reason to prefer playing online instead of offline. After all, lucrative bonuses are a great way to increase one’s chances of winning. Theoretically, thanks to no deposit bonuses, it is even possible to win something without wagering any money. This would be unimaginable at an offline casino.

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