Tricks to win: Can you outsmart slot machines?


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Win as much as possible with an as little bet as possible. Is that possible? Should there be a way to force modern slot machines to payout? Yes and no, say experts. In the past, there were many ways to trick these machines. On today’s modern machines, manipulation is virtually impossible. Apart from that, fraud is still punishable by law.

Man plays with money at a slot machine with a trick who tries his luck at slot machines, should try it with the honest method. Questionable tactics are quickly recognized nowadays and punished accordingly. Anyone who cheats in a casino (online or on-site) is liable to prosecution and can be fined heavily, even sentenced to prison. Nevertheless, there are quite a legal slot machine tricks that work.

What legal tricks simplify the game?

There is a whole range of tricks and tips on how to leave money in your wallet at the end of the game. After all, no one should resort to illegal tricks.

Watch out for the jackpot

Those hoping to hit a big jackpot should choose a progressive slot machine. Those who have more fun playing instead of winning, look for a machine with a smaller jackpot. These machines usually offer several smaller wins, and the gaming fun increases. Machines that promise a high jackpot must also first be fed with a corresponding amount.

Set a budget

A self-imposed limit is a be-all and end-all when playing slot machines. Determine in advance what you are willing to risk. Once this limit is reached, stop playing. Often, the amount of the bet can be determined by yourself. From one cent to several euros per spin are possible. Admittedly, the profit is higher if the stake was as well, but longer you have pleasure if you invest less. The right money-risk management is the decisive way to success or failure.

What is the payout ratio?

Payout ratios vary from machine to machine. In other words, the amounts that are paid out vary. Therefore, you should only include the truly lucrative machines in your game. Look out for machines that promise odds of 95 to 99 per cent. Internet forums can provide valuable tips here.

Which machine suits me?

Playing on a machine that doesn’t suit you or doesn’t appeal to you can be unattractive in the long run. Sure, you have to get to know the different machines first, but too complicated gameplay and/or rules will frustrate you in the long run. Therefore, you should primarily choose one machine and play it consistently.

The machine does not throw? Change!

Endlessly gambling on the same machine without winning even a single penny is useless. There is a wide range of slot machines. Try your luck on another one. Two non-paying machines right next to each other are rare. So, when in doubt, just try the neighbouring machine.

Casinos employ former scammers

To be on the safe side, casinos even employ former fraudsters to use their knowledge for their purposes. In addition, numerous cameras and other security personnel do the rest. In the digital world, you would have to be a savvy hacker to manipulate the devices so that they spit out unplanned cash winnings.

Since people don’t gamble with cash nowadays anyway, but payment methods like PayPal or credit cards are the order of the day, the old coin tricks no longer work either. Casinos invest large sums of money to maintain or even increase security standards. Fraudsters hardly have a chance anymore.

Tricks from the Internet: Just money-making

Quite obscure providers offer here and there THE guide or THE device to outsmart ATMs on the Internet. These offers are pure money-making. Because on the one hand they are illegal and on the other hand ineffective. Only the offerer earns money thereby. So: Hands off! Then nevertheless rather on the automat plays fall back, which one can play also comfortably at home.

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